Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marina Del Rey Trip

Last week we had to be on the west side for the afternoon helping out at church and decided to go to Marina Del Ray for dinner. The original plan was to talk with marina and boat yard owners to see if they had any lien boats for sale, and to talk with some of the local yacht brokers. However the 405 being what it is on Friday night we didn't get there until after most of the places we planned to go were closed. Instead we decided to walk along the water front and watch the sunset as the fog rolled in.
Here are some of the pictures we took.
 Sailboat coming in out of the fog.
 One of the forlorn boats at the impound dock,
(this one was luckier than the others and had the hatch closed)
 The last rays of the sun as it slips into the offshore fog.
 One of the local residents watching a fishing boat motoring into the fog.


I have been really busy with work launching the new line of swords at Privateer Armoury and haven't had the time to post anything (a great problem to have when you work for yourself).

Boat: Still hunting, we have found quite a few inexpensive or free boats but none of them have worked out for various reasons.

Captains Licenses: Wading through the Annexes to the COLREGS and studying all kinds of nautical subjects.