About Us

We are a happily married couple, with one son, living in the foothills of Southern California. Our goal is to get a boat and live aboard part time while getting our Captains licenses, then offer sailing charters for couples to the islands off the coast.

My name is Ben. I am a craftsman and kind of a jack-of-all-trades, master of a couple.  I am a husband,  father of two sons, and a self-employed bladesmith (Ben Potter, Bladesmith, Privateer Armoury ). My favorite pastimes are spending time with my family, taking walks, traditional crafts, learning new skills, and of course, sailing and all things nautical. I am very happily married to the most wonderful and amazing woman in the world:

Well, thank you, Ben- I heartily reciprocate. My name is Corrie and I am also a craftsman in my sphere- I love to sew for myself and others, cook for everyone, and dabble in all things creative. I am a harpist, and play at weddings and events with my mother. I am a book-fiend, although my literature of choice is melodrama-free. Living on a boat is also a dream of mine- I love to entertain and have people over, and there ain't no venue more inviting than a boat. In the summer. Well, we'll get one with a wood stove. And in the winter I'll bake bread and have the clam chowder simmering.

These pictures pretty much sum up our relationship...
except for...

Our  "Busters". The two most adored boys under the sun, and the terror (to their parents at least) of the seven seas.