Friday, April 1, 2011

Boat search: Most Wanted

After research, discussion and a fair amount of legwork, we have more or less narrowed our search to these types of boats(not in any particular order):

1. Sea Witch, by Hugh Angelman, LOA 48', LOD 36', LWL 31', Beam 13', Disp. 22000lbs.

Reason: Wide beam, plenty of berths, very salty, fast sailers.

 2. Sea Wolf / Yankee Clipper, by William Garden, LOD 41', LWL 32', Beam 12', Disp. 28100lbs.

Reason: Salty, enough berths, separate shower, lots of seating.

3. Mariner 40, by William Garden, LOD 41', LWL 30', Beam 11', Disp. 26500lbs.

Reason: Large galley, salty, enough berths, good deck space.

4. Magellan Ketch, by Hugh Angelman, LOA: 42', LWL 28', Beam: 11.5, Disp. 16300lbs,

Reason: Salty, decent galley, nice interior details, salty.

While our search is not limited to these models, these are the closest commonly available boats to what we want. The search continues....

Special thanks to for help with the specs for these boats

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