Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pics of the latest work.

Too busy to write much, Grace has a leak and the battery needs to be charged every other day and we can't afford the trips to the island. So rather than let her sink (some friends of ours are watching her to keep her afloat) we have decided to give her to someone who can restore her and give her the needed haul out.
It beaks out hearts to have come so close to getting her fixed up again and to run out of funds now and have to watch her get thrashed by the storms.
Since the last post her hull has been sanded and 98%  has been primed  and a new (to her) solid bronze Manuel windlass has been installed.
Here are some pictures:

Because there was no one to change the batteries the water has come over the floor boards three times and has damaged the interior varnish some. We really want to give Grace to someone who she will be as much a blessing to as she has been to us and who can finish the restoration that we have worked so hard on.
Please pray that we can find a good home for her before it is too late.

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