Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Boat: We found a couple of possibilities but they turned out to have serious problems (for instance, one was being kept afloat by the bilge pump because its bottom planks were rotten). I have been trying to find out if any of the marinas in the area have boats that they want to sell or give away. Most local marinas have terrible websites (special offers that expired years ago, all the pages are the same as the home page, little or no information about actual slip availability or prices). The funny thing is that it wouldn't take that long to fix all the problems, and I'll bet there are plenty of web programmers that would be willing to trade work for slip fees (I for one).

Captain's licenses: We are almost finished going through the COLREGS. I wish that when they re-did the Inland Rules they had just adopted the COLREGS and left out all the "special anchorage areas designated by the Secretary", but then we are in California so we still have to learn about inland but don't get to sail there. Maybe some day we'll cruise the Mississippi.

I am working on decorative knot work on a spyglass (future blog post).

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