Saturday, May 14, 2011

Restoring Favor: days 1-2

 Today I finally got a break from work while I waited for some materials to be delivered, so we decided to start work on Favor.

Roo loves anything to do with Favor and really enjoys helping on the non-toxic parts.

Roo and Uncle Jon working on the bottom.
 First we scraped all the old paint off the bottom. Scraping was relatively dust-free, but even so, right after this picture was taken, Corrie took Roo away to avoid any chance of problems with paint toxins.

Scraping and sanding
 Here you can see the different steps. The far side hasn't been worked on (except by Roo), the aft section of the near side has been scraped, and the forward section has been scraped and sanded. Sanding was not a lot of fun and made a lot of nasty dust so we set up a fan to avoid breathing too much of it.
Half done with the bottom
At the end of the first day we had the whole bottom scraped and half of it sanded. I managed to hurt my shoulder somehow so we moved on to the inside the next morning.

I used a chisel to clean off all the paint and glue drips from the inside (it looked as if Favor had been used as a drop cloth at some point). You can see in the picture that the hull is not symmetrical and that the curves of the rails are not even. After some debate we decided to remove the rails and seat blocks and start over. Jon was kind enough to lend me his 3 degree cutting tool and I used that and a hammer and chisel to cut the them off.

It proved to have been the right choice. When the rails came off we found that they were cracked and broken in half a dozen places and were the main reason that the hull was misshapen. Once they were out I took an angle grinder with a sanding disc, smoothed out all the rough spots, and faired in all the old joints. At this point I discovered that part of the transom had been painted so I scraped it clean.

Here she is- all clean, smooth, and ready to be rebuilt and restored.

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