Monday, May 23, 2011

Restoring Favor: days 3-6

We have now finished laminating up the new gunwales and fairing them. It took a while longer than expected because we had to do quite a bit of adjustment to bring the hull closer to being symmetrical. Then it was time to smooth everything out, which meant several days of working with filler, grinding and sanding. We also bought a set of oars which, like most things we acquire, were a really good deal but need some work.

Here are the new gunwales and the oars. The port side one has already been scraped.

The oars came spray-painted olive drab, which would be fine for a combat dinghy or a duck boat but which is rather less than aesthetic in our opinion. So I made a cabinet scraper to take off the OD paint.
 Favor was lacking a bow eye, so we picked one up and I modified it to fit her bow.

That is where we are at the moment.  Next up is adding the seats and buoyancy chambers.

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