Monday, November 8, 2010

Advanced Knotwork, Spyglass

 Ever since I was young and had Obadiah the Bold read to me by my mother I have always loved Spyglasses. Over the years I have owned several, black and chrome, red plastic, but not the shinny brass kind that is so salty looking until last year when my parents gave me one for my birthday. It came with faux leather on the grip which doesn't really help the saltiness of it. So I decided to cover the grip with coach whipping (Ashley Book of Knots, has an example of this in it) and finish it with three strand Turks-heads.
Here are pictures and a description of the process:

 Spyglass with faux leather.
 Spyglass without
 Tools and supplies for the project.
 Strands for the coach-whipping and one for the clinch knot
 The strands tied on to the 'glass.
 Strands evenly spaced.
 Doubling over the first set of three strands over the clinch knot.
 Beginning the over under weaving.
 finished coach-whipping.
Finished Spyglass with turks-heads.


  1. Oh nicely done! I clicked the book link, read the reviews and ordered a copy. Thanks for sharing!