Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wilmington Marinas

This afternoon we took a trip down to Wilmington to look at a boat and enjoy being near the sea. I had to ship some pieces before 4:00 so we headed out after mailing them.
Mrs. Afloat and I enjoy having adventures. In this case, the "adventure" was navigating around terminal island without a map, having only been off the freeway there once. After seeing a bit more of the harbor than we had planned, we made it to the marina.
Fog was blowing in over Palos Verdes, but the sky was crystal clear over head as we walked out onto the docks to inspect the boat, a Coronado 35' center cockpit. The price was good, but the decks were bad, with major delamination and rotten spots in the cores. The owner is planning to fix it up and raise the price along the way. We really liked the aft cabin and the flush deck, but we need a boat for sea time and this one will not be seaworthy anytime soon. Our search for the right boat continues.

I have heard it said that."A house is just a boat so poorly built and so firmly aground that no one would ever try to launch it". This afternoon we found proof to the contrary.

We walked around to the other marinas in the area to ask if they had any boats for sale. Most of the offices were closed and the ones that were open only had small boats available.

Our boat is out there...somewhere.

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